Yantra Shastra or Yantra Therapy

All yantras is goemetrical diagram which is used as an aid or a booster foe meditation in tantrik worship . It should be hand written ,cleansed and Mantras written according to shastras , pranadi pancha pratishta only give it life .tantra mantra yantra jeev and prana pratishta done by respective gayatris . Beejas mantras of 7 weeks, 15 thitis, 12 rasi, 27 nakshatras done with prana akarshana mantra of the devata. In some Special cases herbs of each matrikas in the moola mantra is taken and kashayam and yantra is emersed for some days . In special some cases roots are grinded and made paste and dreied with the wick and the burned and fumes are collected on yantra and put in talisman or pendant to wear. Raksha yantras, Wish fulfilling , Yantra for worship are also should be done in traditional method. Yantras commonly is drawn on copperl foils , lead , silver and goldaccording to the requirmet. yantras are even drawn imaginerly on parad gutika or rasamani and energised for quick results. Yantras are made within 21 days to 120 days according to requirement.

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