Rasa bhairava Siddhi and Rasankushi prayoga

Rasavidya or pashana vidya was practiced by ancient kaulas and siddha tradition for material and spiritual beneifit. This vidya has to be done with care and only possible after the rasabhairava and rasankushi deeksha. The rasa shivlinga and rasa mani wchich is also called as rasa gutika can be done in different methods for different Uses. It has different uses when it is amalgamised with different metals like lead,tin,copper,siver and gold for healing process of different deseases. amalagamised one is covered with herbal paste in treated in fire. The Mercury or rasa has to extract from linga pashana or cinnabar tnen grinded with several herbs for purification. The best rasa after all samaskaras which has got super power is called Dandapani rasa . By this rasa The kechari mani is made which is not possible because of medicnes for final process is unavailaible. After that is Stambana mani which stops all thoughts and leads to yogic process of urdwa gati of bindu. It absorbs milk , it also stops the milking of cow temporarly when it is kept on its hump. We can make mani with ,copper, silver and Gold as per what is the requirement . Copper rasa mani is the best and the cheapest for many purpose like protection ,attracting some thing etc , if you really do the process of rasabhairava panchapratista and all other rituals perfectly. Silver rasa is Madhayama and good for peace and also worshipping as shivalinga or srichakra archana . Gold is uttama and expensive also. Thera are moolika bhandhana also which is not so easy. The power of mani or gutika increase according to the samaskaras done before amalgamising and also after amalgamising. There are samaskaras for rasa which brings faces and increase hunger and also to make heat resistant. This Rasashastra and parad vigyan is an ocean of knowledge regarding parade or Rasa.

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