Meppad Madom 

The Ancient  Meppad Sampradaya from Yoga Naga Kula, Lineage of Swami Nadanta which hails from Yogini  Jnananetramaba and Siddha Yogeeswara Kumaras .   

Welcome to our website of Meppad Madom, an oldest Gupta peetam, Shakta sampradaya of Yoga Naga kula  from  Yogini Jnananetra amaba, Siddha Yogiswara kumaras and now practiced by Nadanta ananda nathar. The powerful Odamgara , Meppad  and  Vayum Kulagarathu mana tradition comes under one  umberlla Meppad Madom the biological and spiritual lineage of Swami Nadanta. 
Meppad Tradition
Meppad Tradition an ancient school of shaktism based on Shakta  dharma was a place where Krama  Shaktism was taught and practiced. Meppad Tradition where  Atharvin from Pippalada branch and where the masters in Tantrashastra . This Atharva vedic traditon is considered  above all brahmanical tradition. They worship Bhairavi the goddess of decay, death and destruction in their Shakti samaradhana  who controls the changes taking place in the universe and also in human body. From ancient days they were invited to palace of king , noble houses, even to small huts to please Bhairavi and get her blessings. The Bramara Guha at  Meppad madom where Lord Dattatreya is main pratishta  is  famous  for  moksha of pirtus and removal of Curses.
Myth and Belief 
Princess who started her journey from Ramghat to Mokshaka parvata in kannur, North kerala via Gujarat and konkana  coastal area brought goddess Vindhyavasini Shooilini with her. Once her son ascended the throne with the blessings of Dattatreya and Bhargvarama, Rajmata left her material life and became Yogini Jnannetra amba. From this yogini starts the tradition of all Somavamshi Royal Families of kerala  and also  Meppd Madom . After many years two Suryavamshi Naga kula  warrior brothers from lineage of Muchukunda who where related to the princes  go in search of her tradition. They return and meditate in sadragiri and enter kerala through Vijaya giri and builds hermitage in Kannavam forest. The brothers are known as Siddha Yogeeswara kumaras who established Prarastra Kingdom in North Kerala ,  was  also the Raja Guru of kolathiri who ruled poozhinadu swaroopam. He initiated Srinatha into Srividya . Siddha Yogeeswara kumraras established Poornadu swaroopam by building fort in Purali mountain. The King Harichandra of Prarashtra  and Muthappan is related to this tradition. Siddha Yogeeswara kumaras was the  guru of Meppad Tradition who spreaded srividya also brought  the present Siddha Maharatha krama in to Palace of kolathiri. Meppad has adopted brahmin boys multiple times to keep tradtion alive . Last adoption was  from kulangara mana when they didnt have boys to continue the tradition. This is the bioligical and spiritual lineage of Nadanta (Arjun karunakran Nair). 
Family worship System.
Family tradition of Gurujis  Yoga Naga kula worshipped Subrahmanaya as Kula guru,Shri porkali Shoolini and  Bhadrakali as Kula Devata in one Vigraha called Mukura Prastaram and Shasta as kula Nayaka. Srividya, Shakta adhistana devatha Buvaneswari is worshipped inside Ancestral house , goddess is visualised on Sriyantra as Bala and Badrakalai . War goddess bhadrakali (Porklali) is worshipped in Thekkini/kalari and Vishnu is worshipped in Vadakini, Then inside the south side of padinjitta Sidddha lakshmi is worshipped in hanging Lamp .There was  a secret chamber ,Nilavara which goes down where Patala Kubji is worshipped in a curved granite  lamp where sword is kept in front of badrakali (kubji pratyangira) and worshipped . when going for war the kubji is worshipped as Kubji pratyangira  with special drums beat (para chanda ) and kali mudra where bali is offered for victory.
On the South west of the ancestral home therre was a mantra shala where godees of war and medicine Shoolini Badrakalai  is worshipped . where Mantra moorthies and Matrukas are worshipped .This Mantrashala is known As Mantrika kalari .