Meppad Madom 

The Ancient  Meppad Sampradaya Lineage of Swami Nadanta which hails from Yogini  Jnananetramaba and Siddha Yogeeswara nathar .   

Welcome to our website of Meppad Madom, an oldest Gupta peetam Srividya Siddanta achara sampradaya of Naga vamsha from  Yogini Jnananetra amaba, Siddha Yogiswaranda nathar and now practiced by Nadanta ananda nathar. The powerful Odamgara , Meppad  and Vayum Kulagara  tradition comes under one  umberlla Meppad Madom the biological and spiritual lineage of Arjunan Gurukkal/
Sri Nadanta ananda natha saraswathikkal . The name Vayum kulangara ,the  first word  vayum indicates  Bagavathy  vayum ,which means ruled by Mother Goddess and  her presence always , Meppad means the tradition of Shiva who has scar on body (maipadu), madom means school/monastery . Odamgara the tradition  goddess who came to the land by boat which is called palli odam . The legend starts from  Princess  who travelled  by boat via Gujarat to north Kerala  and later become a yogini . Her son who was initiated directly by Sage dattatreya   immedialtely when he was born and trained under Sage Parasurama  is belived as a king who ruled kerala. Later followed  two young Naga vamshi warriors ascetics ( Kshatropeta Dwija /Brahma Kshatriya) followers of Adi Shiva and sage Agastya came down to north kerala  after the performing  tapas in Sadragiri mountains and travelled down to udumalpet and then took blessings of Guru Guha from palani , then moved via gudalore to karnataka ,then took Darshan of Lord  Neelakanda at najangode, reached kodagu  and took blessings of Lopa mudra at brahma giri and  finally  via Vijaya giri entered North kerala. They build hermitage in kannavam forest and practiced  yoga sadhana These two yogis are believed  as Avatar of Matsendranatha and Gorakshanatha .Goddes they worshipped is shoolini  a form of chamunda  which is also called maha mangala, porkali, yuddha priya and also Vana shankari. Its seems the tradition is some how connected to Sundarananda Guru, Goddes  Menakshi and Shasta. Their traditional story (myth) shows that the tradition was  related to Pandyas,Mushikas,Perumals ,kolathiri,Ayys, Alupa Dynasty and many . Its also believed that these  two siddhas  established Puranadu ,kottayam swaroopam and later become guru of Puzhinadu ,kolasworoopam .They where called  Siddha Yogeeswars . The family lineage starts when a Nair princes from North kerala leaves all material glories and accept elder yogeeswara and his cult. This is the Biological and Spiritual lineage of Arjunan Gurukkal . Meppad sampradaya one of the eigth Nayar Tradition ( Naga Sampradaya) in eighteen sampradaya which was well known in North kerala  for tantrik and yogic practice, especially mantrikam and Shaktheyam Aradhana which was known as Shakti Samaradhana ,Detail worship of goddess on srichakra or living yogini with pancha tattwas . The ascetic build hermitage and had Kuti prevesham where the present meppad madom  is rebuilded by Arjunan gurukkal. The palce where they vanished Guru Augha mandala  and godess is installed. Arjunan Gurukkal rebuilt the mutt where the old hermitage and yogi lived,  down the meppad mantrashala and startted spreading the knowledge from  lineage.   Meppad Gurukkals  was scholars in Sanskrit and Astrology , good Ayurveda physicians, Siddha practiioners with pashana vidyas and also great teachers. It is believed Meppad later  also learned vaidika tradition later from   elamkulam mana which gave their rituals little namboodiri style (samuchaya). The influence of both versions can been seen in the practices of present meppad .
 Arjunan Gurukkal (Dr Arjun Karunakaran Nair)  known as Sri Nadanta anandanatha Saraswatikkal and also known Ananda Battaraka is the biological and spiritual Son of meppad Sampradaya and a great practitioner of Meppad  Secret  srividya  tradition ( Gupta Sadhana of Sividya) .  Shri Nadanta learned basics practice under his Mother and father  and   was blessed with higher knowledge of Srividya by his Grandfather and his Poorna kalasha Deeksha was performed and   name  Shri Nadanta anandanatha was given by Guruji Amritanadanatha  of Sahasrakshi Peetam . After that Got initiated into krama system with the  blessings  of mother goddess Maha Mangala.Saraswatikkal is the tittle given or used with deeksha name by  meppad tradition when one becomes  Acharya who initiates in maha vidyas , Gurukkal tittle is used by main Archaka or Tantrika  who have recived the knowledge of  mantrika and vaidya  from meppad  tradition .Nadanta was blessed in very young age by his grandfather and his fathers uncle Sri Prakashananda Swamikkal disciple of Shri Ramanada Swamikkal of Druveswar mutt kashi .Shri nadanta was born in Nayar family (Naga vamsha) in tellicherry called puthiyaveettil (Puthiyottil)  which is branch of puthiyottillam Nairs which also from one of the eight Nair traditon. Nadantas Maternal  ancestors who where Naga vamsha warriors  and was   called Gurukkal achan by kottyan rajas where also staunch worshipper of Shriporkali . Puthiyaveettil Nairs worshipped Subrahmanaya as Kula guru and Porkali as kula devata and shasta as kula Nayaka , and also  were stauch devote of  Perumal (Shri Rama swamy). They followed Srividya in Buvaneswari Vidhana which was also called Machil adiyantira. As Family has shakta background Bhuvaneswari is worshipped inside house itself, goddess is visualised and worshipped with kapalas on her both hand  and keeps her feet on poorna kumbha . Then inside the south side padinjitta there is a secret chamber which goes down where Patala Kubji is worshipped in a curved granite  lamp where sword is kept in front of badrakali (kubji pratyangira) and worshipped . when going for war the kubji is worshipped as Kubji pratyangira  with special drums beat (para chanda ) and kali mudra where bali is offered for victory. Sriporkali another form of her which is shoolini is the same kubji Pratyangira or atharvana badrakali which is the goddess Sanat kumara initiates Sage Piiplada . In Thekkini Detail worship of Shaktheya puja ( Sri chakrarchana) was performed on special ocassion where kalalsankarshini and tripurasundari is combined and worshipped as Para Devata .Family was great devotee of Chirakkal kavu and Kollam Pisharikavu bagavathy and have some relation with both Temple. Puthiyaveettil family owned huge land on both side of koduvally river , from thevandi chal( railway line) to Chirakkal kavu temple and also other side of koduvally river opposite to the present stadium where they had a very old place of worship  with mantrashala and pond . They moved to illikunnu ,nettur /mannayad near present chirakkakvu when huge  flood occured The pond and mantrashala was lost during the childhood days of Puthiyavettil Ammalu Ezhuthamma grand mother of nadanatwho was teacher of koduvally high school. Puthiya veettil family who had Aroodam  near to chirakkakavu temple is one of the Nayar family who practiced  shakta Buvaneswari vidhanam. Four generations before  one of the karnavar fom Puthiya Veettil who came from Burma took initiatives in renovating the temple, because puthiyaveetil family faced lot of problems because of the deterioration of the temple.  Puthiyaveettil taravadu last portion of the propety 40 cents of cremation ground and Aroodam  near chirakkal kavu temple was sold out in 2010.  All sankalpas and puja  is now done in Nadantas house.
The valley where the hermitage of Yogeeswar and later Meppad  existed  was bought back by nadanta and redeveloped into Meppad madom.  Meppad valley is down the Meppad kalari Temple / mantrashala which is one of the oldest secret temple ( Gupta peetham ) which gives importance for feminine form of shakti with the practices of pancha makaras. Nadanta taught the practice of worshipping the beauty of three worlds ,phyisical, astral and causal or you can say matter ,energy and thought is called Tripurasundri sadhana or Srividya sadhana which gives you both worldy plessure and Liberation. Srichakra puja is the worship of feminine form shakti and masculine formless shiva together which is called shiva shakti samaradhana . She is the beauty  derived from the light of consiousnes para. she is the same  also lalitha one who plays, play of divine mother.  she is the goddess of srichakra , great mandala of energy pattern or super yantra which represents entires universe and ultimate bliss. From this we can understand Meppad folllowe shaktopaya and veeramarga  ancient practice of Srividya.