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All the Tantra - Mantra Yantras are manuscripted and cleansed as mentioned by Shastras, afterwards Jeev and Prana Pratishta with the Beejas of 7 Weeks, 15 Tithis, 12 Rasis, 27 Nakshatras and the Prana Akarshana Mantra of the specified Devata are performed. For Yantra energization, it is immersed in Kashayam made from the herbs for each Matrikas in the Moola Mantra  or the roots are grinded, dried with the wick and then burned. Those fumes are collected on the Yantra and put in Talisman or pendant. Raksha Yantras, Wish fulfilling Yantras, Yantras for  Divine Worship are customizely created within 21 to 120 days on copper foils , lead , silver and gold in traditional procudures.  It can be imaginerly drawn on parad gutika or rasamani and invigorated for expeditious results. Personalized small sized yantras and rakshas will be dispatched in 7 days. 

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