Oldest Srividya kaulamarga Nath Tradition 

Meppad sampradaya  Tradition  started thousands of years back when Siddha yogeeswar who was kaulika and Natha Sampradayi only in a kaupinam walked over the Neyyar River (valapattanam river ) in cannanore district and entered place called Azhikkal, much to the surprise of the local people. On his journey over the river near to valapattanam fort . The great yogi called the king of Kolaswaroopam as “Ottavalukaran”, meaning the king who has a sword with hole .Kings attendants informed him that a young ascetic  in kaupinam and hairs tied up with ezhuthani (writing nail) peirced in hair has called him  ottavalu(sword with hole). The king asked his attendents to bring ascetic to his palace. The ascetic was brought to the palace by the army chiefs who belongs Chengunni murikencherry,Family of kelu Nayanar. King asked the ascetic to show hole on the Sword. Ascetic  pulled one hair from his shikha and pushed it through a minute hole in the sword and with a gentle smile “A king should have Sookshma Drishti , Only then he will be able to see and analyse many things around him” uttered the great yogi. The Raja was not convinced. He thought that the ascetic was just a magician who played a trick on him. He told the ascetic  that if he has real powers or “Siddhis” he has to defeat his palace Scholar and  Mantrika . In the fight between palace mantrika and ascetic , The great yogi took a samll knife from his waist and drawed simple yantra and peicerd the knife in the center of yantra and spelled somwe secret danurvidya mantras  and just put kilakam  by which Every one in the palace felt paralyzed by the magic spell by the young ascetic. The King felt  humiliated but he pretend like having bhakti. In his mind he planned another test for the young ascetic .He requested the young ascetic to do upacharam to his kula Devata by performing Guruti tarpanam. Normally the vessel used for performing the Guruti tarpanam will be small. After the tarpanam the person performing the tarpanam has to turn the vessel upside down indicating the culmination of the ritual. The king ordered his attendants to get a huge cauldron for guruti puja  which was pulled by elephant and kept for Guruti tarpanam. The King thought that the guru will fail miserably in performing the tarpana. Ascetic  performed the guruti tarpana to the mother godess of kolaswaroopam  chanting a shloka called mantra gadyam and invoked the goddess and by finishing the tarpana he called Devi “Amme Sri Porkali Dushta nigraha Chandi", Chamunda the mother goddess appeared on the urali(cauldron) and it broke into two . Seeing this the king of kolaswaroopam , the army cheif , and the and others  bowed him and praised him . The King Praised him and accepted him as  his Gurukkal . But the yogi vanished from there. the Same day Night king got darshan of his kula devata who told him to take refuge on the holy feet of Siddha Yogeeswara kumaras.   Searching the young ascetic, king finally found him in kanavam forest. He was living with his another young ascetic in hermitage . King went and met him with honour and asked him to support him to protect his kingdom from enemy threats  he was facing . Elder ascetic yogi send his younger who also was the yogi to help the king , the younger won with his magical power and war tactics saved the king . Theses ascetic brothers actually introduced double stranded urumies .The king gave them dana of the place where they lived . But later want some ot that back because present kottiyur was situated in that land .But the ascetic who were Yoga Naga Kula Brahma kshatriyas told that they will never give the dana back or the king has to fight and get it back . Later They brought  new dyanasty to take care of the present dana place and this was the rise of kottayam raja vamsa . Some beleif and Story of king Harichandra and Muthappan is also related to theses Ascetics. Its beleived  young princes from north kerala leaves material glories and follow the path of theses Ascetic and their tradition. They also spend  their  life on a hilly forest  on the banks of river valapattanam where they had a kuti . Present meppad madom is the place where the ascetic had kuti and their gurukul. Another yogi from this lineage called Amritananda Spreaded Shaktism across North kerala.  Nadanta rebuilded meppad mutt and started practicing and teaching meppad tradition of Yoga Naga Kula .

Natha paduka Gotra  of Madom

Nadantas sishya prashishya rishiparampara and putra parampara both are triarsheya  and belongs to Harita gotra and are from Yoga Naga Kula . Actually warriors trained by Angiras and followers of Atharava pippaladam. One of the main Samhitas followed by Nadantas family is  Sanat kumarras discourse to Sage Pippalada .  Lopamudra Devi with Sage Agastya and Arundhati Devi with Sage  vasishta have vey important place in Nadantas tradition. There is even seperate gayatri with beejaksharas in this tradition from Sage Vasishta. Family is Much related to Lord Subrahmanaya because he protected Naga kula From Garuda and he is seen as their Kula guru .They beleives they are from Ananta Vasukis Yoga Naga Kula. Once initiated into  higher practice of kaula amanaya deeksha  and Guru upaya , then  gotra is followed as Natha paduka gotra ,nothing is higher than Adi natha the supreme guru .Guru datta , Matseyndra natha and Goraksha natha  also plays major role in this tradition. Here  tantriks follow higher metaphyisical practices like having one hand kapala and other tharuni and fulltime mantras on toungue while thinking the supreme Aim ,about Gurupaduka to merge into the prakasha. here guru is the ultimate 

Srividya practice 

Adi kesava is first worshipped in this sampradaya and Srimad devi bhagavatam is the holy book followed . Then comes the worship of padmanabhasodari which is Shaiva Durga shoolini and her Badrakali form  ( Pratyangira and Patala Kubji). The Srichakra archana starts with the Simhasta Durga viusalised as Simhopari pancha preta as Maha Tripurasundari. This sampradaya is more focused on veera bhava and shaktopaya, deeksaha initiation is also given according to amanaya kramas . Goddess is as per Tripura siddhanata , she is worshipped on simha as in chakraarcha she is simha which is lion is visualised as pancha preta and shulini durga herself is visualised as Tripurasundari.Normal puja is done according to madhyama kalpa ,means minimum of 5 patras  and 9 avaranas  and bindu uparai bindu puja which means puja of maha bindu on the bindu .  The practice of sixteen is also followed by veeras here . All avaranas except the base is done anticlockwise . only veeras are given right to do this . Grihastas (householders)  and females  are given different versions till they are ready for jeevan mukta upasana ( Liberation practices ). Srividya practice starts from early morning with meditation and connecting to guru in bed itself , followed by pashupata vrata which is smearing of vibhutis made from holy cowdung with shambavatattwa and chandakali mantras . Followed by vaidika and tantrika gayatri of 24 beejas and srividya gayatri of morning, midday, evening and night . followed by srividya agnihortra and chakra archana. This is the oldest traditional sampradaya


Mantrikam and Ayurveda

Meppad was famous for daivavyapashraya Chikitsa .Goddess Shoolini is seen has goddess of medicine . Rurujeeth kali with her sapta matrukas is worshipped for healing. Mantravada is actually healing science used for the good of society. Its classified as Asta karmas and also shat karmas. This was mainly used for manaroga  mental disease with Ayurvedic medicines and mantra .physical diseases cn also happen due to the influence of foreign energies .this was done to heal physically and mentally. bringing sattva undisturbed by overshadowing of rajas and tamas .Its done sometimes pleasing tamas and raja . Mantravada is divine intervention to attain pure quality of mind which is the center point and connects to heart which plays major role network of channels , mind and body should be kept away from disturbances when it is disturbed . nowadays you can see only uktivyaparshaya chikitsa which is the low level treatment when considered with other . satwajaya chikitsa is called as trance therapy or pranic healing which is practiced by stirct rules by doing bhuta shuddhi , pranayama  to merging with chitshakti. Total purification of mind and body.

Moorthies and Manatravada

Power of matra can be used for material and also liberation. In ancient meppad practice moorthies are used for healing as well as for material gain . As parasurama as given durga and pancha moorthies to protect from evil from sea and also from hill. Durga astakarma is used here and the pancha moorthies which  starts from Bhairava , Kukshishasta (kuttichatan), Chamundi, Bhairavi , and Mrityu gulika ( Prana kala) who rules Pancha bhoota is worshipped  here, you can also see athor moorthie like pookutti etc also in matrashala which is not worshiped but merged by some other practitioners  here  . for example we have manuscript for kutti chattan, in which there are many variety of practice like karim kutty, pookutty, thikutty, chand kutty, mashikutty, ulukku kutty,parakutty to malakutty  etc . Here maily kutti is worshipped with two beejas of pancabhuta which means it helps to merge agni into vayu. agni which already absorbed earth and water is merged into vayu and the full potential of anahata is used here  used for various siddhis.


kayakalpa and yoga siddhi

Ancient meppad followed yogic wisdom and tantric practice of  rejuvenation therapy to make u detoxified and make youthful either through makara vidya or Amara vidya . This is practiced living alone in a hut or a cave near running water and using six herbs with kapila cows milk with their mantras and meditation system for three mandalas which is called Amara Vidya. The other is Makara vidya which is practiced with bhairavi for three days where divine nectar is trasmitted and exchanged through the biological process like  osmosis. meppad who ere also in experts in pashana vidya has used khechari mani with kechara mantras to attain transmental state and transformation of mind and body .This practice will make  the nectar amrita flow energises the body and mind to youthful state . This practice has taken ancient sadakas to super conscious state .These great vidyas are know only to brahmavidya sadhakas from true traditional spiritual lineage . techniques and practice are very well followed in ancient meppad tradition. They taught and trained the king and their men in all  theses kind of secret practice . Even wine was converted to pure sudha, the divine nectar with the help of mantra and practice . In their veera practice vijaya and sudha was normally used to attain higher state of consciousness

meppad mantrashala.jpg
meppad goddess.jpg

Meppad and Mantrika Tradition


Meppad is very famous for chamunda and bhairavi sadhana. Still pujas are performed in pure vamachara at meppad . bhairavi the warrior goddess and also goddess of speech is worshipped here,you can see her in the form of beauty and terror here she is worshipped here as kundalini. visit meppad and get special darshan

Shakti samaradhana

Meppad Temple  is very famous for Shakti samaradhana and vama puja . the worship of bhagavathy Tripurabhairavi done with panchtattwa here . initiates are allowed in patra sadha after samaradhana. you can book puja for blessing of bhairavai

Jiwha Dosha

Meppad temple is very famous for jihwa dosha remedies. ancient days people used to come here to remove jihwa dosha . the secret mantra for jihwa dosha is chanted in this ritual .  

Drishti dosha

Meppad temple / mantrashala was famous for removal of evil  eye.  special mantras are spelled for the removal of evil eye  in the ritual. 

Mari Mushti

Meppad temple / mantrashala is famous for Removal of obstacles occurd by  black magic . mari means somebody has put shadow on you for stopping your good fortune . mushti is the ritual removing the mari by powerful ritual by breaking the cocnut in specific way. one cocnut is enough to remove your big troubles

Raksha yantras

Meppad is famous for specially made vibhutis and raksha yantra which is given for complete protection . yantra which is handwritten and energised with yantrasamskara  and kept in the garbhagriha for double energisation which is good gor grahashanti and protection

Paramantra bhakshini

Meppad is famous for its vamapractice of Bhairavi  the war goddess. this homa is done when sattvic person is totally in troubled by evil  who harms by performing black magic . The energy is send back which hits the problem creator and reduce his power , so that he stopps evil.